We help fintech brands journey into Gen-Z & Millenials markets.

Embark on an odyssey steering fintech brands into the thriving Gen Z and Millennial markets, harnessing the power of influencer marketing.Next Gen Influencer Marketing.
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Our Network

Our mission is to chart your brands’ journey across the ocean of influencer marketing and put your fintech products right in front of the relevant GenZ and Millenials.As we navigate this expansive sea, our curated network of influencers establishes an unbreakable connection with your audience, anchored in loyalty, trust, and most crucially, influential impact among your target demographic.Let Odyssey Advertising skilfully navigate your brand's narrative across the boundless waters of influencer marketing.”

So how do we help?

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Bespoke Strategy Development

We’ll create a completely bespoke strategy directly aimed at hitting your goals.From explosive brand awareness to driving conversions and everything in between, we’ll give you a totally customized approach to kickstart your journey.

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End-to-End Management

From strategizing to execution, we manage every facet of your campaign.Our team continuously refines the campaign to exceed objectives, providing comprehensive tracking and detailed results.

High ROI Influencer Campaigns

Utilizing major social platforms, Odyssey Advertising connects your FinTech brand with leading influencers, sparking authentic interactions and delivering outstanding results.

Why Influencer Marketing - Our Philosophy

At Odyssey, we collaborate with industry leaders, redefining influencer marketing to create purposeful connections that place their products directly in the hands of their ideal Gen Z and Millennial customers.As an influencer-based agency, we deeply understand the importance of impact, community, and above all, trust in the fintech space.Seamlessly maneuvering through social and traditional media landscapes, our bespoke methodologies drive targeted results with unparalleled precision.If you're tired of navigating the vast sea of influencer marketing without clear direction, it's time to join us on an Odyssey.

Your Voyage - The Breakdown

1) KPI Clarification

Setting the Course for Success:We kickstart our influencer campaigns by meticulously defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).These KPIs act as guiding benchmarks, enabling us to establish precise goals and meticulously measure the campaign's triumph.

2) Influencer Selection

Selecting Influencers with Precision:We carefully handpick influencers from our roster, aligning them precisely with your target audience and campaign objectives for a seamless, perfect match.

3) Content Approval

Executing Plans Hand in Hand with Influencers:We work in close collaboration with our chosen influencers to ensure flawless implementation of content and campaign strategies, precisely as intended.

4) Optimisation & Augmentation

Optimizing Campaign Performance:Relax as we take the reins.Leveraging our analytics, we craft precise reports, constantly refining and optimizing campaigns.Enhance your campaigns further with spark ads, seeding and more!

Ready for an Odyssey of a lifetime?

If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to our expert team, you can contact us via email at abid@odysseyadvertising.org

About Us

Odyssey Advertising is more than an influencer marketing agency.We're creators of authentic connections that resonate.Our approach is personal, our strategies tailored, and our goal clear: to empower brands through influencer narratives.Our founder, Abid Rahman, inspired by the untapped potential within fintech envisioned Odyssey to revolutionize influencer marketing for the growing fintech industry.Join us on this journey, where your brand story takes center stage and influencer partnerships drive unparalleled impactReady to amplify your brand's narrative? Let's embark on this influencer-driven odyssey together.

Abid Rahman - Founder - Odyssey Advertising

Young Abid pictured with Joe Wicks, June Sarpong & Victoria Price -
EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

The Roots of Odyssey

Odyssey Advertising—inspired by the legendary tale of Homer's Odyssey—is your partner in the thrilling world of influencer marketing.Think of us as your co-captains, steering through the dynamic currents of influencer marketing.We’ll help you navigate uncharted territories, leveraging the power of influencer narratives to propel brands forward.Together, we craft tailored strategies, weaving authentic influencer stories that captivate your audience's imagination.Our mission is to witness your brand emerge triumphant, transformed by this influencer-driven odyssey, deeply resonating and connecting with your audience in ways you've never imagined.

Contact Us

Looking for an influencer campaign? Reach out to us through this form or book a call below!or, are you looking to join our influencer network? If so, fill in the following form!Email: abid@odysseyadvertising.org